Product Ratings and Reviews

Because we have been selling allergy and asthma products for over 40 years, we have a great deal of expertise regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each product we sell. Through our ratings and reviews, you can benefit from that expertise.

Many of the products we sell utilize sophisticated, complex technologies. Evaluating which one to buy can be confusing. We believe that our ratings and reviews will simplify the selection process and enable you to choose the right product for you.

We are selective about the products we offer. If we can't rate it at least 3 stars, we won't sell it. That's why you will not find any negative reviews. Of course, even quality products can be distinguished, and our ratings and reviews try to clearly convey the differences.

Unlike many other organizations that rate products, we offer ratings that take price into account. If we judge two products essentially equal but one costs less, we will give the lower priced one a higher rating. In our reviews, we will often point out which products are worth splurging on, and which generally are not.