Allergy & Asthma News

Nasal Allergies, Hay Fever Tied to More Migraines in Study 
But it's unknown if allergic conditions bring on headache or vice versa, researcher says

Steroids for Preemies May Raise ADHD Risk, Study Says 
Shots are given to boost lung development

Men's Bigger Builds Need Bigger Noses 
Study found male noses were 10 percent larger, on average, to bring oxygen to greater muscle mass

Air Pollution Linked to Dry Eye Syndrome in Study 
High rates of both seen in most major U.S. cities

New Push by Doctors to Limit Antibiotic Use in Kids 
Many upper respiratory infections, such as mild strep throat, don't require the drugs, report says

Breast Milk With Solid Foods Might Stave Off Allergies 
Study also found waiting until 17 weeks to introduce solids is key

Women With Asthma May Take Longer to Get Pregnant: Study 
They ultimately had same number of children as women without the respiratory condition

Signs of Early Kidney Damage Found in Some 9/11 Responders 
Researchers say those who were exposed longest to polluted air at Ground Zero were most affected