Peak Flow Meters

Peak Flow Meters measure lung capacity

A key part of most patients' asthma treatment plan is monitoring their breathing and lung capacity each day with a peak flow meter.  With two types of peak flow meters to choose from, analog or digital, patients can decide which device fits their needs. 

The Assess peak flow meter features an eight-inch clear plastic scale that is easy to read, making it a good choice for kids who want to take part in their asthma treatment plan.  With the easy-to-read scale and included daily log, the Assess peak flow meter will let kids, and their parents, keep track of how their daily lung function and possibly give them an early warning of respiratory problems.  Using this device will teach children how to take control of their asthma treatment, helping them understand the importance of good health care and the necessity of staying on top of their peak flow readings.  And since it is made of durable plastic, the Assess peak flow meter can take a beating from rough-and-tumble kids! 

Having asthma can be difficult for a child or an adult, but taking control of their treatment options and monitoring lung function on a daily basis with a peak flow meter, even when the patient is feeling healthy, is an important part of taking care of respiratory health.  Let us help you take care of your lungs!  

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