Company Information

Allergy Asthma Technology has been helping allergic and asthmatic individuals since 1971. Of course, we weren't selling through a website back then. Our customers came to us through referrals from their allergists. Over our 37 years in business, tens of thousands of allergists have recommended us to their patients. Even now, most of our sales continue to come from physician referrals.

Our physician relationships help us find and evaluate our products. We continually search for medically approved allergy and asthma products that will help our customers lead a healthier life. Most important, we only sell products that really work.

When you make a purchase from Allergy Asthma Technology, you can have confidence that you are buying a product that has been fully tested and has the support of the medical community. You can also have confidence that you are purchasing it from the most well-established source in the allergy products industry.