Nebulizer Accesories

Taking control of your asthma or your child's asthma means developing a thorough asthma treatment plan with your doctor or your child's pediatrician. And chances are, a home nebulizer and the right asthma treatment devices will be a key part of that treatment plan.  So having the right nebulizer accessories on hand is key, as you never want to be caught unaware when an asthma flare hits.

Our selection of nebulizer accessories to complement your asthma treatment plan includes children's masks in fun fish and dinosaur designs.  These masks fit over your child's nose and mouth, which ensures they are breathing in all the medicine they need for their asthma treatment.  The masks are made of colorful, soft plastic and may help ease your child's fears a little and make the medical equipment seem a little less scary.  The children's masks are held in place with an elastic strap, which means your child's hands are free to play while they are doing their asthma treatments!  We also have nebulizer accessories and attachments for adults that are compatible with most nebulizer units. 

Another key accessory to have on hand is a finger pulse oximeter. These finger pulse oximeters allow you to monitor oxygen levels and heart rate, which is important for asthma treatment.  The medicines that are taken by nebulizer often raise a patient's heart rate, which should be monitored to make sure it stays within normal levels.  And it is important to monitor oxygen levels during an asthma flare.  Any parent knows that watching their child struggle to breathe can be scary, but with a finger pulse oximeter, you can make sure your child is getting enough oxygen.  And you will know immediately if you need to head to the hospital for further treatment. 

With the right asthma treatment plan, and the right nebulizer accessories, it is possible to keep your asthma and your child's asthma well controlled. 

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