Auto Air Purifiers

Auto Air Purifiers help prevent allergies in your car

You've created a clean living environment with a home air purifier in your living space, but some days, you spend more time in your car, commuting to and from work, than you do at home.  So what can you do about all that smog and car exhaust you breathe in while stuck on the freeway? 

Until now, air purifiers with HEPA technology, such as the Blueair 203, haven't been portable.  But the latest technology has been miniaturized into auto air purifiers that are powerful enough to remove the toxins that are found in your car.  The Vapor Eze Clean Air 5000 HEPA Air Cleaner is small enough to use in the car, filtering out the toxins, smog, fumes, and allergens that can accumulate in your automobile.  And it also includes a UV lamp to kill viruses, germs, and other bacteria living in the air. 

Home air purifiers like the Blueair 203 are the best defense against airborne allergens and toxins.  But, the Blueair 203, or any home air purifier, isn't portable, and it would take one long extension cord to take it on the road with you.  But now air purifiers with HEPA technology can be taken on the go with our auto air purifiers.  You can reduce the allergens in any environment using air purifier HEPA technology with an auto air purifier.  Whether you are using the cigarette lighter adaptor or wall plug for the Vapor Eze Clean Air 5000 HEPA Air Cleaner, this travel-size air purifier with HEPA technology will allow you to remove mold, animal danger, dust spores and other allergens during a long commute or road trip, or even at a hotel room while on vacation.  Using the same technology as the Blueair 203, our auto air purifiers will ensure the air in your car is just as clean as the air in your home.  So even though your home air purifier is a little too bulky to take with on that hour-long commute every morning, you can breathe easy knowing you won't be choking on the city smog and pollution thanks to our auto air purifier HEPA technology.  

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