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AllerTech Furnace & Air Conditioner Filters (4 pk.)

  • Designed specifically for people with allergies and asthma
  • No-leak edges force all air through the filter, not around it
  • Superior to electrostatic and pleated filters
  • Low annual cost 
  • Four filters per carton (one year supply) 
  • MERV Rated 10
  • High efficiency three-ply design

Item #'s: F1420 - F2030

Product Options

14" X 20" X 1" (4)$34.99
20" X 30" X 1" (4)$49.99

AllerTech Furnace & Air Conditioner Filters Description

The Allertech Furnace and Air Conditioner Filters are far and away the best furnace filters available for people with allergies or anyone else for that matter. For starters, their three-layer filtration does an excellent job of capturing both small and large sized particles. While there are other filters that also do an excellent job of capturing particles, most filters have a major deficiency: they have a cardboard or metal edge. This allows some air to pass around the filter instead of through it. Allertech Filters have a no-leak edge which creates a seal, forcing 100% of the air through the filter. Allertech filters have also been designed to become more efficient rather than less as they accumulate dirt and other particles, so they can last three months instead of the standard one before replacement.

The other filter technology often touted as being superior is electrostatic filters. While electrostatic filters do perform very well in tests, those tests are performed on new filters, not dirty ones. Electrostatic filters lose their charge and thus perform far worse, when they get dirty. Permanent electrostatic filters must be removed and cleaned every month or they lose their effectiveness. Because cleaning them is so difficult and unpleasant, most people don't do it nearly as often as they need to. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to clean them, the more difficult it becomes. The result is a dirty filter operating ineffectively. To get around this problem, some manufacturers now offer "disposable" electrostatic filters that are replaced every 2-3 months. Unfortunately, the high quality ones are very expensive, so the annual cost is at least double the cost of Allertech filters. Plus, because the filters are fairly dirty after one month's use, the 1-2 months prior to replacement don't work at advertised levels.

Standard "less expensive" filters are either fiberglass or pleated. Both need to be changed monthly instead of every three months. This makes the annual cost of these seemingly inexpensive filters actually far greater than the cost of using Allertech Furnace Filters. Also, because most people do not change their filters as regularly as they should, filters that need to be changed monthly tend to be left in the furnace long after they have begun to lose their effectiveness. The Allertech Furnace filters are very highly recommended.

AllerTech Furnace & Air Conditioner Filters (4 pk.) Specification

  • Designed specifically for people with allergies and asthma
  • Uses the most efficient method to trap and hold allergens
  • Superior to electrostatic and pleated filters
  • Captures very small particles
  • Normal filters become less efficient as they get dirty over time
  • No-leak edges create a seal that prevents airflow so 100% of the air goes through the filter instead of around it
  • Filters with cardboard or metal edges allow some of the air to pass around the filter
  • Easty to install
  • Maintenance free - no cleaning required
  • Use each filter for three months (compared to one month for fiberglass filters)
  • Filter is not affected by moisture, humidity or most corrosive chemicals
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • 3 Layer Filtration
  • Great for pet dander
  • Four filters per carton (one years supply)

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