Vanicream Shave Cream 6-oz Tube

Vanicream Shave Cream gives you a close shave without the skin irritation!
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This product provides relief from: Fragrances & Odors, Sensitive Skin

Vanicream™ Shave Cream is a unique, non-lathering shaving formula, specially developed for those who have easily irritated, sensitive skin. Vanicream moisturizing shave cream provides a smooth, close, comfortable shave by creating a protective barrier between the razor and your skin to reduce razor burn, nicks and cuts. Because it is alcohol and preservative free, Vanicream Shaving Cream rinses clean, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.  Available in a 6-oz Tube.


  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Ideal for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin
  • No fragrances, lanolins, glutens, parabens, alcohol, preservatives, or other common irritants¹
  • Razor glides easily over face for a smooth, close and comfortable shave without irritation
  • Helps protect against razor burn, nicks and cuts
  • Non-lathering formula in a 6-oz tube


¹ Vanicream™ skin care products have always been known for what is NOT in them. Please see this list of common chemical irritants often found in other products, and why they can be so irritating.

Ingredients ‐ Vanicream™ Shave Cream:

purified water, stearic acid, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, hydrogenated polydecene, panthenol, PEG-12 dimethicone, 1,2-hexanediol, titanium dioxide, sodium polyacrylate, caprylyl glycol, sodium hydroxide, isopropyl titanium triisostearate, disodium EDTA


Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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November 16
It is more watery than I would prefer but works well.
It doesn't require a lot to get good coverage. Your legs are smooth.
It is a relief to find formaldehyde free products. Doesn't lather up like regular shaving cream but does cover well enough and leaves your legs nice and smooth.
Had to chime in here for the guys that might be on the fence. This is a fantastic shaving cream. As noted it does not foam, but a little does go a long way. Minimizes bumps, washes off clean and has a "neutral" scent - not perfume and not medicinal - very clean shaves with a sharp blade. Highly recommend it.
I'm with John on this one. I bought this shaving cream just to try it out for fun since I bought other products from this site. I was very skeptical being a guy who's use to shaving with Gillette and other gel shaving creams for sensitive skin. When I saw this tube I laughed thinking, "What did I just buy"? Well I tried it once and now I'm hooked on this product. You spread this on like a lotion and like John said, it does not lather up, instead it puts a solid thin layer of cream that has a strong, comfortable texture or feel to it. When you shave with your razor it just glides so smooth on your face with "0" nicks or leaving your skin feeling raw like so many shaving lotions do. Really, try out this product, you'll be amazed and like John said, a small amount on your fingers goes along way when applying. Best wishes!
I love this product. It allows me to shave without the irritation I usually get and I no longer cut myself. It moisturizes as you shave and leaves skin smooth and moist. I also think the hair grows back softer and slower.
i finally found something that doesn't make me itch after shaving.