Wein Personal Air Purifier 150MM

This ultra-lightweight, wearable Wein 150MM Personal Air Purifier clears the air of up to 90% of all airborne biological particles like germs, pollutants, allergens, and molds by propelling clean, healthy air into your breathing zone.
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This product provides relief from: Mold & Mildew, Sinus Trouble

The Wein 150MM Personal Air Purifier clears the air in your personal space of up to 90% of all airborne biological particles, like germs, pollutants, allergens and molds. This ultra-lightweight wearable air purifier is no bigger than a small pager, and operates using a lithium battery. The Wein Personal Air Purifier with breakaway strap for safety is a must have for air travel, movie theaters, waiting rooms, or any confined area because it propels clean, healthy air into your breathing zone. Includes breakaway strap and one (1) lithium battery.

Note:  If you are an asthmatic, please consult your physician before ordering the Wein 150MM.

Wein air purifiers are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).


  • Lightweight, wearable ionizer purifies air in your personal space
  • Kills most airborne microorganisms like viruses and bacteria
  • Renders allergens from mold, pollen and dust mites harmless
  • Oxidizes many dangerous chemical contaminants
  • Eliminates odors in the air
  • Ozonates with only a very faint, clean smelling, external ozone fragrance
  • Silent, fanless operation with no filters to change
  • Lithium CR123 one battery included
  • Approved for air travel

Research has shown that mold is the primary cause of Chronic Sinusitis. This Personal Ionizer is part of a Mold-Reduction Protocol developed by Dr. Donald P. Dennis, M.D.

Wein 150MM Product Notes and Tech Data:

  • A highly advanced form of air purification, the Wein Personal Air Purifier has a unique corona discharge technology that is a truly revolutionary breakthrough.

  • This wearable air purifier emulates natural ozone to create the quality of air that is realized just after a thunderstorm, when air is at its freshest and cleanest. As during a thunderstorm, a corona discharge of negative, high-energy ions is passed through the air, cleaning it extremely well.

  • The Wein Personal Air Purifier utilizes a proprietary technology – the negative corona discharge design and a neutral grid configuration project a powerful stream of over 70 trillion ions per second internally.

  • Corona discharge technology has been used by the military and in industry for years. However, the technology has only recently been miniaturized, allowing it to be used on a personal, portable level. The Wein Personal Air Purifier is the first and only personal air purifier to utilize this advanced technology.

  • The destruction of airborne contaminants is self contained within the Wein 150MM unit.

  • Purified air is ejected from the Wein personal air purifier unit at a velocity that approximates the same airflow as normal human breathing.

  • As with all of Wein's corona discharge ionic air purifiers, ozone emissions are very low and safe for anyone.

  • The Wein 150MM unit comes complete with lithium battery.

Directions for Use:

  • Turn on unit by sliding the switch located on the side upward. You will hear a soft swoosh as the ionic discharge begins.
  • Place the strap with unit attached around your neck. Alternatively, clasp unit to shirt pocket with top metal grill facing upward.
  • Unit should be 6 to 8 inches from nose.
  • You will see a neon indicator, ion monitor light when the switch is activated and a purified cold breeze begins to waft up toward your face when you inhale.
  • If neon light is not lit (or there is no breeze), it is time to change the battery.
  • This is not a fan or mechanical blower. Airflow has been limited so that sensitive mucus membranes are not affected.
  • If operating in a polluted area and you hear a hissing sound, blow gently into the top of the grill to dislodge dust buildup.
  • For heavy pollution, bend head forward closer to unit to draw in more ionized air.


  • Do not immerse unit in liquids or allow fluids to enter unit.
  • Do not open or attempt to repair unit.
  • Battery Replacement:
    • Slide side battery access door all the way off, exposing the used battery.
    • Put thumb against bottom of exposed battery and press inward and swing used battery out at the top.
    • Replace with new battery by inserting positive end first and swinging negative end onto bottom metal contact.
    • Using the grooved rails, slide battery access door back on.