PARI LC Plus Nebulizer Set

PARI LC Plus Nebulizer Set for use with PARI Vios (Adult, Pediatric and PRO), Trek (not Trek S), PRONEB, PRONEB Turbo, PRONEB Ultra II, DURA-NEB 1000, DURA-NEB 2000, DURA-NEB 3000, PARI Master, and Walkhaler aerosol and compressor nebulizer systems. These PARI nebulizer parts include: jet nebulizer, tubing, mouthpiece, and Timestrip® reminder. Lasts for up to 6 months.
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Works with Models:  PARI Vios® Adult Models: 310F81-LCD and 310F83-LC+. PARI Vios® Pediatric Model: 310F83-P. PARI Vios® PRO Model: 312F83-LC+. PARI Trek® Compact Portable Models: 46F10-LC and 46F35-LC+. PARI PRONEB® Models: 31F81-LC+ and 37F81-LC+. PARI PRONEB® Turbo Model: 38F51-S. PARI PRONEB® Ultra II Models: 086F81-LCD, 086F83-LC+ and 086F83-P. PARI DURA-NEB® 1000 Models: 20-10-LC+ and 20F10-LC+. PARI DURA-NEB® 2000 Models: 20-20-LC+ and 20F20-LC+. PARI DURA-NEB® 3000 Models: 20F30-LC+ and 20F31-LC+. PARI Master® Models: 81-61-LC+ and 84F61-LC+. PARI Walkhaler Cordless Model: 45F81-LC+. PARI LC® Adult Aerosol Mask - Part # 044F7251. PARI Bubbles the Fish™ II Pediatric Aerosol Mask - Part # 044F7248.

The PARI LC® Plus Nebulizer Set features shorter treatment times of 6-7 minutes while maintaining the same efficient drug delivery that PARI is known for. Aerosolized mist is delivered through the handheld jet nebulizer in consistently sized particles for swift and targeted delivery to your lungs. The breath-enhanced nebulizer features specialized technology that delivers more medication as you breathe in, wasting less as you breathe out for the best possible treatment. Remember to replace the nebulizer every six (6) months.  6-Month Ltd. Manufacturer's Warranty.

What Comes with the PARI LC® Plus Nebulizer Set?

PARI nebulizer parts included are the Nebulizer itself (consisting of the nebulizer top, insert and cup), a Mouthpiece, Wing-Tip™ tubing, PARI's exclusive Timestrip® reminder (a visual indicator that makes it easy to see when it's time to replace the nebulizer), and full instructions.


  • Shorter treatment times (6-7 minutes) with increased aerosol delivery and less medication waste
  • Clinically proven as reusable – designed to last 6 months
  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits PARI Aerosol Delivery and Compressor Nebulizer Systems:
    • PARI Vios® Adult Models:  310F81-LCD and 310F83-LC+
    • PARI Vios® Pediatric Model:  310F83-P
    • PARI Vios® PRO Model:  312F83-LC+
    • PARI Trek® Compact Portable Models: 46F10-LC and 46F35-LC+  (Note:  does not fit the Trek® S model)
    • PRONEB® Models:  31F81-LC+ and 37F81-LC+
    • PRONEB® Turbo Model:  38F51-S
    • PRONEB® Ultra II Models:  086F81-LCD, 086F83-LC+ and 086F83-P
    • DURA-NEB® 1000 Models:  20-10-LC+ and 20F10-LC+
    • DURA-NEB® 2000 Models:  20-20-LC+ and 20F20-LC+
    • DURA-NEB® 3000 Model:  20F30-LC+ and 20F31-LC+
    • PARI Master® Models:  81-61-LC+ and 84F61-LC+
    • Walkhaler Cordless Model:  45F81-LC+
  • Also fits:
    • PARI LC® Adult Aerosol Mask - Part # 044F7251
    • PARI Bubbles the Fish™ Pediatric Aerosol Mask - Part # 044F7248


• Total Output Rate: 440 mg/min
• Mass Median Diameter (MMD): 3.8 µm (microns)
• Percentage Respirable Fraction (%RF): 65%
• Average Treatment Time (ATT): 6-7 min

¹ Tested with 1.2 bar compressor. Measured with Malvern MasterSizer X at 50% relative humidity, 0.9% NaCl solution, inspiratory flow 20 liters/minute, continuous nebulization, 23°C, fill volume 2.5 ml.

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on the PARI LC® Plus Nebulizer.


  • Remember to wash and completely dry your reusable nebulizer after each use!
  • Nebulizer can be hand washed or boiled, and is also dishwasher safe. With proper care, your PARI nebulizer will last for up to 6 months.

  • Remember to replace your Reusable Nebulizer every 6 months!

    To take the hassle out of remembering, the PARI LC Plus Nebulizer comes equipped with a visual indicator called Timestrip® that monitors the time lapsed from the first treatment to 6 months. The Timestrip is easy to activate and read. The visual display will boldly read "NOW" when it's time to replace the nebulizer. No more guesswork or calendars needed.

Reimbursement Information:

Below, for your convenience, please find PARI Part #s, Descriptions, NDC and HCPCS Code(s). For information about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, please visit For information about reimbursement from private health plans, please contact your health insurer or plan administrator.

Part # Description NDC HCPCS Code(s)
022F81 PARI LC® Sprint Reusable Nebulizer 83490-0220-28 A7005

Please click below to view the Owner's Manual for the:

PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizers (such as the LC® Plus) are compatible with PARI's Adult and Pediatric Aerosol Masks. Please click on a link below for the Owner's Manual associated with each mask.

You may also click below on the model of your PARI aerosol delivery system that came configured with an LC® Plus Nebulizer to view its Owner's Manual.

We apologize. While the PARI LC® Plus Resuable Nebulizer is also used in the following PARI delivery systems, we do not have Owners' Manuals for the DURA-NEB® 1000, the DURA-NEB® 2000, the PARI Master®, the PRONEB® Turbo, or the Walkhaler cordless portable.