AllerTech® Reusable Dryer Sheets

AllerTech® Reusable Dryer Sheets are the perfume, dye and chemical free way to keep your fabrics soft, natural and free of static. Package contains 2 fabric dryer sheets.
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This product provides relief from: Fragrances & Odors, Sensitive Skin

Did you know that the dryer sheets we so often use can contain harsh chemicals, like Camphor, Cholorform, Ehyl Acetate, Limonene, Linanlool, Alpha-Terpineol, Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol and Pentane? Now, AllerTech® patented dryer sheet system safely solves the static problem and reduces wrinkles without any added chemicals. This special technology is based upon the weave of the cloth, which allows it to conduct the static out of your laundry. At last, a reusable dryer sheet that works without chemicals, plus the reusable hypoallergenic dryer sheets leave no residue on your laundry or in your dryer! Package contains two 7.5 x 12" fabric unscented dryer sheets.


  • AllerTech® Reusable Dryer Sheets will save you money, reduce waste and give you peace of mind that you are using a dryer sheet system that you can safely LIVE with.
  • Fabric sheets are 100% hypoallergenic dryer sheets
  • Unscented and chemical-free dryer sheets
  • Completely odorless, and will not spot or stain
  • Environmentally safe
  • Special AllerTech® 99% polyester and 1% nylon cloth ensures performance for more than 500 loads
  • Safe for clothes, towels, bedding, fine linens and all other machine dryable fabrics
  • HE (high-efficiency) dryer safe


  • Place both AllerTech® Reusable Dryer Sheets in the dryer with your laundry.
  • Dry normally at any heat setting.
  • When removing your laundry leave the reusable dryer sheets inside the dryer for the next load.
  • Machine wash the reusable dryer sheets with an all-temperature laundry detergent after the first three dryer uses is recommended. To maintain optimum performance machine wash every 3 months. The reusable dryer sheets will perform effectively wet or dry.

Note:       If you have been using traditional dryer sheets, it may take up to four loads to remove the chemical buildup inside your dryer before the AllerTech® Reusable Dryer Sheets will be fully functioning.

Rated 4.45 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

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August 4
I've been using the dryer sheets for years with great success.
December 25
Easy to use and cuts the winter static
December 7
I was amazed that this product is as good a the commercial ones. And so much more economical.
March 12
Love these dryer sheets because they are unscented & last a long time!
January 13
Don't do anything for static, waste of money.
February 17
I just received these dryer sheets and haven't had time to try them out. If they work as promised they will be great.
January 13
I recently purchased a new LG HE (high efficiency) washer and dryer. You can not use traditional unscented dryer sheets in these new machines, so I was having a very bad problem with static electricity in my clothes. I got excited when I saw this product and purchased them right away! I have MCS and Allergies, and can not have anything scented in my house or in my clothing, so this looked like it was going to be wonderful! It does not work as well as I had hoped. I was VERY DISSAPOINTED in this product. I washed them after doing the first 3 loads as it states to do, and also after 2 loads, noticed more static, so washed them again. It doesn't work very well. I was so hoping it would. I have to dry my clothes, then put it on the steam feature, to reduce some of the static, and that is in addition to these sheets. I have used National Allergy products for the past 8 years (soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, underarm deodorant, blanket, pillow, mattress, and box spring covers, dust mite spray for carpet....) and have been extremely thrilled with how these products have been a life saver for me, but this one - - DISSAPOINTED. It works some, but not on towels, sweaters, flannel, etc. And of course, if some of the clothes have static then they all do. Hoping 1 day soon, someone will make a product THAT WORKS, that is unscented and can be used in the new HE Washers & Dryers. For now, this one does not do as it states it will do. It is better than nothing I suppose, and thankfully, I have a steam feature on my dryer, so after drying my clothes, I use it (with the dryer sheets in the dryer also...) and it still doesn't get all of the static electricity out of my clothing, but it is better than nothing. This is the first product I have ever used from National Allergy, that doesn't work very well.
I have been using these instead of dryer sheets for about 1 year. These sheets are great on many levels. They are great for my sensitive skinned family since there are no chemicals. It is non-wasteful and environmentally friendly while still keeping our clothes static-free and soft. They also have saved me money in the long run since I'm not buying dryer sheets anymore! You can't go wrong!
These dryer sheets are Perfect! Saves a lot of money. No fragrance. Elimiates static even in winter with sweaters and towels. A set of two last me a little over a year.
I have been really pleased with this product. It is effective and easy to keep track of. I'd used dryer balls before. They weren't satisfactory because they frayed my towels and were forever getting trapped in sheets. These static eliminators work without the residue and scent of dryer sheets. I'll be recommending them to my dad.
Good product, so easy to leave in the dryer. No more stains on clothes that you get when you use other dryer sheets and fragrance free. Just purchased some for a friend and my son.
I used my first order of these reusable dryer sheets for well over 5 years. When the clothes come out of the dryer a bit static-y, I simply run the sheets through the next wash cycle. Somehow that fixes them up and they start working again. I love them. I just keep them in the dryer. The only reason I am ordering them again is that I lost one of the sheets some how. I highly recommend them. No more smelly clothes and no more buying dryer sheets every month!
I gave up fabric softeners/sheets years ago so I am glad to have an alternative. We live in Minnesota where the winters are very dry and static electricity is intense... The towels don't seem to tackle static cling on woven or lighter fabrics in dec but otherwise... Me likes!