Alkalol Nasal Wash and Mucus Solvent 16-oz Bottle

Since 1896, Alkalol has been making this soothing nasal wash, mucus solvent and cleaner that brings relief to irritated sinus, nasal passage and throat tissue.
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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

Alkalol® Nasal Wash dissolves mucus, cleans and moisturizes the nasal passages, and brings relief to irritated sinus, throat, and nasal passage tissue. You can use Alkalol full strength, but it is powerful, so we recommend diluting it until you find the strength that is right for you. Whether you need relief from allergies, colds, sinusitis, chronic congestion or throat irritation, use the mucus solvent and cleaner doctors have been recommending for more than a century.  Available in 16-oz bottle.


  • Use as a nasal wash or add to your regular nasal irrigation solution for mucus treatment.
  • Also can be used as a soothing gargle, oral rinse or throat spray to provide relief for throat irritation caused by allergies and post nasal drip.
  • Refreshingly strong blend of natural extracts and oils leaves your nasal passages cleansed and you breathing freely.
  • Premixed and ready to use.
  • Preservative free.


Purified water (USP); Menthol; Eucalyptol; Thymol; Camphor; Benzoin; Oils of Wintergreen, Spearmint, Pine and Cinnamon; Potassium Alum; Potassium Chlorate; Sodium Bicarbonate; Sodium Chloride; Alcohol (2/100 of 1%); Caramel Color.

Directions for Use:

Please see Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on how to use Alkalol® Nasal Wash.


  • Use Alkalol Nasal Wash as a mucous solvent and cleaner to provide drug-free relief from nasal congestion and irritation associated with allergies, sinusitis, colds, and post nasal drip. Alkalol is intended for use at variable strengths depending on personal preference and thickness of mucus. See Owner's tab for use with Neti pots & other nasal irrigation devices

  • Alkalol can be added directly to pre-mixed saline solution or to sterile, distilled, filtered (0.2 micron filter) or previously boiled water (cooled to lukewarm, room or body temperature) to be used in irrigation devices.

  • Alkalol contains invigorating ingredients and essential oils, therefore, the amount used is both a matter of preference and thickness of mucous. It is recommended to start with a mild dosage and work up to your preferred level.

  • Alkalol may be used with Neti pots or different irrigation systems, but remember that each device is different, and dosages may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Click here to view an Instructional Sheet for Alkalol® Nasal Wash.

Neti pots & other nasal irrigation devices:

    Many people use Alkalol in neti pots and other rinse devices. Some tips to remember:
  • An Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup holds 1 fluid ounce. Many neti pots hold 8 fl oz. Simply follow the directions in the Owner's Manual, adjusting the amount accordingly.
  • When using a neti pot, or other large-volume irrigation device, we recommend mixing Alkalol with a salt water solution instead of plain water to ensure the best experience. Too much plain water in the mix can cause a burning sensation.
  • Wash and dry your hands before using your nasal rinse device and make sure you clean and dry your nasal rinse device before and after use.

  • WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. For children under 3 years of age consult a physician. Avoid swallowing. Do not use if safety seal on bottle is broken or missing.

Rated 4.91 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.

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November 14
I have been using this product for the past 20 years. My career is wood floor resurfacing and even with a mask/respirator I still get fine dust in my nasal and sinus passages. This is the ONLY product I have found to date that will remove that fine layer of duct that sticks to my nasal/sinus passages without causing any side affects like a antihistamine or decongestant does. 2 capfuls in a 12 oz glass of salted warm water that is then transferred into a Neti pot is my normal routine when I come home from a sanding job - I highly recommend this product and to the best of my knowledge the formula on this product hasn’t changed in the last 150 years - why change a good thing!
This is one of the most fantastic products I have ever used. I recommend it highly. As a chronic sinus sufferer, I find it very helpful in keeping my sinuses clear. I highly recommend it.
I've been using this product daily for several years (4 or more). It has certainly helped to keep me infection free. Before I began using Alkolol, I suffered once or twice a year with sinus infections and, or bronchitis. If I have to, I will continue use as a preventive measure. LOVE IT!!!
I add a teaspoon to my neti pot whenever I'm feeling a cold coming on. It works awesome! Highly recommended.
I was diagnosed with fungal sinusitis, even spent 10 days in the hospital. I had the problem for over 2 years and the doctors told me that I would have to live with the problem. I started using Alkalol a couple of times a day and it eliminated the infection and loosened all of the mucus out within about 2 weeks. I used saline before Alkalol and it wouldn't do what this product does.
I use it most days and find it very helpful.
My allergist recommended a 50/50 solution of Alkalol and the saline irrigation of your choice. The solvent properties beat the saline alone and the 50% solution cuts down on the "burn". My wife and I have both been regular users for close to 10 years. She was highly skeptical, primarily because of the ick factor, but now it's almost a daily regimen for her. I just restocked our "inventory" and National Allergy's price is the best by far!
One of the best irrigation solutions I've ever tried. The price here at National Allergy is the lowest I've found.
It's simply the best nasal irrigation solution out there. Due to working around dust and allergens, I often rinse twice daily. Diluted 3 parts water to 1 part Alkalol solution, it's perfect for use in my nasal irrigator pump. Nothing else I've tried does the job as well, and the price here is the least expensive I've found. Great product at a great price. Five stars.
I was plagued with sinus infections for years until I went to an ENT that recommended using Alkalol. I have been using it for eight years and have not had a sinus infection since. My family physician has used me as an example to others that are having problems. I will still use the product even though the price has gone up. It is still cheaper than a doctor's visit, medication and the pain and discomfort of an sinus infection. I have also given a friend of mine a bottle to use as she has recurring sinus infections.
Recommended by my Doctor after sinus surgery. I have had excellent results and can breathe much better. Used with nasal irrigation, it helps to keep my sinuses open and prevents infections much better than just using prescription medication.
Does a great job of clearing the sinuses. It's good to know that it is safe and will not interfere with any other of my medications.
This gets rid of the choking I have with the asthma & sinus, allergy problems. It clears out the bronchial passages. I put a little of it in the water & gargle with it.
I have used this product for about two years, based on my ENT physician's recommendation. It's a very effective supplement to my Kosher salt, baking soda, and water mix. Alkalol truly helps clear my sinuses. Typically I use it twice a day.
I started using this product about 5 years ago with a saline mixture in my neti pot. I don't use very much - maybe a tablespoon in 12 oz of warm water. This product along with the saline does a very effective job of removing any dust and debris that is in my sinuses. I am a finish carpenter by trade and sometimes work in extremely dusty environments and even though I do wear a full face respirator I still sometimes manage to inhale contaminants. Using this product clears those contaminants out of my sinuses. I will continue to use this product and will continue to buy it from this company
I have Sleep Apnea and have to wear a mask when I sleep. Before using Alkalol I had a lot of problems with my nose plugging up and had to shut off my machine, remove my mask and blow my nose. I read about Alkalol on a Sleep Apnea forum, ordered a bottle and an Alkalol nasal douche cup and tried it out. I prefer putting it into one nostral, tilting my had back and then side to side before blowing it out of nose. It works amazingly well. I use it every night about an hour before going to bed. I blow my nose two or three times during that hour to get the last of the mucus out of my sinuses. I have also filled an empty saline spray bottle with Alkalol to use as a nasal spray during the day. I highly recommend Alkalol to anyone who has problems with a stuffy nose.
It works, but it burns -- sometimes unbearably. I'll use it periodically and when I'm desperate, but have switched back to the saline for every day use.
This product does a much better job of opening up my sinuses, versus plain saline solution alone. The menthol really makes a difference. My only complaint is that it burns when used at 100% as they recommend and it still burns when used diluted 1:3 with water. I found that by adding a salt/soda packet to the diluted solution, the burning was eliminated. This tells me that Alkalol is not putting a enough salt/soda buffering in their solution. I am not sure why they put Camphor in a nasal solution either. Camphor is very irritating to mucous membranes. I am not too happy with the recent massive price increase on this product either. I have had to cut back how often I use the product as a result of the price increase. I would like to see Alkalol update their hundred year old formula to take in account modern medical/pharmacy knowledge advances. I could then award it five stars.