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Whirlpool Charcoal Pre-Filters Compare to 8171433K or #1183062 - 2 Pk

To Replace Filter That Comes In Unit
Fits Models AP25030K, AP15030H, AP25030H & AP25030S

Item #: 973-1000

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Our Price: $10.49

Replacement Pre-Filters For Whirlpool Whispure Air Cleaners - Compare to Whirlpool Part #1183062/8171433. Our hassle-free, Activated Charcoal Pre-Filters are ready-to-use with no measuring or cutting required. Each pre-filter will last for about 3 months depending upon the environment and are sold in a 2-Pack for a 6 month supply. One way to tell it is time to replace them is by the color. They are almost black to begin with and turn a light gray color when they need to be changed. Fits Models AP15030H & AP25030H.