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Sprite Royal Filtered Shower Handle - WHITE

  • Removes 99% of chlorine, iron oxide, hydrogen sulfide and other chemicals
  • 5-way adjustable spray flow from fine mist to pulse
  • Patented filtration reduces harsh chlorine vapors
  • Easy to install

Item #: WF500W

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Our Price: $45.99

The Sprite Royal Filtered Shower Handle is a great product for people who prefer a shower handle to a stationary shower head. The chlorine filter is built into the shower handle, so all the water that passes through it is thoroughly dechlorinated. This makes it ideal for people who have eczema or who are otherwise sensitive to chlorine. The Sprite Royal Filtered Shower Handle is also very helpful for anyone who wants to have younger and healthier skin, as chlorine is so destructive to skin. In addition to having the built-in chlorine filter, the Royal Filtered Shower Handle is simply a great shower handle. Its five-way adjustable spray allows everyone to customize the spray to their own liking. The ergonomically balanced handle feels good in you hand. Highly recommended.

  • 72" reinforced nylon hose
  • Reversible filter cartridge  
  • Available in white with chrome head
  • 5-way adjustable spray ranges from fine mist to pulse massage
  • Fits any standard shower arm or shower head
  • Cartridge is easy to replace when necessary
  • Very easy to install - no tools necessary