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Dustmite & Flea Control Premixed - 32-oz. Spray Bottle

  • Kills dust mites for up to six months
  • Works on both carpets and fabrics
  • Safe for people and pets

Item #: 360-1120

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Our Price: $10.49

Dustmite & Flea Control by The Ecology Works - Ready-to-Use 32-oz. Spray - Long-Lasting Treatment Eliminates Dust Mites & Fleas From Carpets And Furniture And Keeps Them Away Naturally - Dustmite And Flea Control is the clean and natural way to kill dust mites & fleas and keep them away. Use as a spray or in a carpet steamer (or water extraction machine) to create an environment that is absolutely fatal to mites & fleas but is perfectly natural and harmless to your family and pets. Dustmite And Flea Control is not a harsh chemical or dangerous poison, but a natural Boron Compound much like the Borax used in laundry cleaning. The 32-oz. pre-mixed spray bottle treats 100 sq ft. For best results, treat twice annualy.