RoBathol Bath Oil 16-oz Bottle

Soothing, moisturizing, bath and body oil with no harsh chemicals – from the makers of Vanicream™.
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This product provides relief from: Fragrances & Odors, Sensitive Skin

RoBathol™ Bath Oil for dry skin is a highly refined cottonseed oil that supplements the protective action of the skin's natural oils as it soothes, lubricates and moisturizes dry, chapped skin. Cottonseed oil is rich in Vitamin E (a great nutrient for the skin, and protector and hydrator of skin cells). It also contains naturally occurring fatty acids (natural cleansing agents that help bring pH levels closer to that of healthy human skin).

RoBathol's cottonseed oil also provides sun-protection benefits, and helps skin retain its natural moisture. Use RoBathol Oil in the shower or take a long bath. A refreshing alternative to often irritating skin products, RoBathol bath oil works naturally, and contains NO perfume, lanolin, dyes, preservatives or mineral oil.  RoBathol™ Bath Oil comes in a 16 fl. oz. bottle.


  • High quality bath oil for dry skin from the makers of Vanicream™ and Free & Clear™ skin and hair care products
  • Doctor recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians¹ to moisturize dry, chapped skin
  • Cottonseed oil's natural properties help restore and promote healthy, beautiful skin
  • Use in bath or shower to help maintain the skin's health and suppleness
  • Contains no common chemical irritants or fragrances²
  • Disperses easily in hard or soft water
  • Safe enough for infants
  • Can be used daily


¹ Although RoBathol™ Bath Oil is recommended by many pediatricians and dermatologists, it is not intended for facial use, as it may irritate the eyes.
² Please see this list of common chemical irritants often found in other skin care products, and why they can be so irritating.

Ingredients ‐ RoBathol™ Bath Oil:

cottonseed oil, alkyl aryl polyether alcohol


  • Use RoBathol™ Bath Oil in shower or bath.

  • While recommended by many pediatricians and dermatologists, RoBathol™ Bath Oil is not intended for facial use because it may irritate the eyes.

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September 24
Best product I have found for eczema! Treats the whole body!
September 24
Just purchased this product for the first time. So far so good.
This product was recommended by my son's dermatologist following his bone marrow transplant to treat his skin for graft vs. host disease. It is virtually fragrance free and absorbs rapidly. It was the only thing that kept his ultra dry skin hydrated and soft. We like to run the bottle under hot water before applying to warm up the oil. An excellent product that is hard to find. Thank you National Allergy!
This product has saved my skin! My bath has become therapeutic! Baths used to leave me with dry skin and exacerbated my eczema. Every doctor told me to avoid the bath. Now, I avoid the shower!
Great product. We've tried several products to help my daughter's eczema, but this product has given her the greatest relief from the dry skin cracks and itching that eczema can cause. We'll continue to use this product daily for years to come.
So far I love this. I'm using it instead of jojoba oil, which is very good. This leaves my skin soft and moisturized. After patching testing revealed I'm allergic to a lot of skin products, this is one of the few I can use. I really like it
It is refreshing and soothing to dry skin. I love it.
I have used this product for almost 10 years and it is the only bath oil I will use. For sensitive skin, there is nothing that compares