Medium Warmth Down Comforter

Pacific Coast Medium Warmth Comforter is premium down with the comfort of cotton, it's an appealingly fluffy comforter for all seasons.
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Pacific Coast Medium Warmth Down Comforter is specially designed to provide year-round comfort even for those with allergies and asthma. The HyperClean® technology used to treat the down and seal it breathable safe inside the 100% cotton cover is the secret. Finally you can experience the joy of a down comforter with greatly reduced risk of allergies or asthma.

It all begins with premium quality Pacific Coast® HyperClean® Down. The HyperClean® process eliminate allergens and thoroughly removes potential allergens while leaving the insulating factor of the down 100% intact. The Medium Warmth Comforter also comes with 300 Tread Count 100% Cotton Barrier Weave™ fabric that keeps the down from escaping through the cover. The premium down in this comforter is distributed evenly and maintained that way with the patented Comfort Lock® no-shift design system so that you never need to adjust the down or worry about lumping or cold spots. Providing ideal comfort with 100% cotton cover and 550 fill power, this down is warm enough for all seasons. That makes every season comforter season!
10-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

Available in White in Twin, Full/Queen and King sizes.


  • True baffle box design keeps the fluffy down in place so that it remains evenly distributed over the entire comforter
  • HyperClean® down is allergen free ‒ backed by Pacific Coast's 30-day Allergy Free Warranty
  • 550 fill power, medium-warmth down comforter
  • 300 thread count, 100% cotton Barrier Weave™ fabric prevents the down inside from leaking out
  • Patented Comfort Lock® no-shift design
  • Convenient loops to secure comforter to duvet
  • Double-needle corded edge adds a finished touch
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Pacific Coast®, Barrier Weave™, Allergy Free® and Hyperclean® are all trademarks of The Pacific Coast® Feather Company.

Pacific Coast® Medium Warmth Down Comforter - 550 Fill Power
Size Dimensions Fill Weight (ounces)
Twin 64" x 86" 24 ozs
Full/Queen 88" x 90" 30 ozs
King 104" x 89" 36 ozs

Pacific Coast blends old-world craftsmanship with today's innovation to bring you this down comforter:

  • Only Pacific Coast® down and feathers can be called HyperClean®. This exceptional cleaning method washes and rinses the down and feathers up to eight times, removing the dust, dirt and allergens that can trigger allergies. You only get clean, fluffy, supremely comfortable down and feathers with HyperClean®.

  • Barrier Weave™ is a very tightly woven and specially finished fabric designed to make it 3 times more leak-proof, so down and feathers can't escape. Barrier Weave™ fabric is also finer and softer, with more durability for long-lasting comfort and easy care.

  • The patented Comfort Lock® three-sided border keeps more down locked in place over the sleeper, preventing it from shifting to the sides. Comfort Lock® comforters can be 30% lighter because they do not need to be overfilled to make up for the wasted down on the sides of the bed. Comfort Lock® comforters are also more breathable, more comfortable across a broader range of temperatures, and easier to maintain because they need not be redistributed as much as other comforters.

Professionally launder or dry clean is recommended.

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