Vornado Ultra1 Ultrasonic Vortex Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier

The Vornado® Ultra1 Ultrasonic Vortex Humidifier is a great option to regulate and balance humidity in your living space. The Ultra1 warm or cool mist humidifier distributes moisture farther into the room for faster and more even humidification. Ideal for areas up to 900 sq. ft.
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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

The Ultra1 Vornado® Ultrasonic Humidifier creates a Vortex stream of air to quietly propel warm or cool mist into the room for whole room humidification. Push button controls with LCD screen allow you to choose your favorite humidity level and fan speed (or select continuous warm or cool mist output). The Ultra1's humidistat features automatic humidity control, and the large 2-gallon capacity tank reduces refills. The included mineral cartridge softens water, reducing mineral buildup and "white dust" residue. Try this Vornado whole-room ultrasonic humidifier today! Provides coverage up to 900 sq. ft.  5-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.


  • Whole Room Warm or Cool Mist Humidification ‒ up to 900 Sq. Ft.
  • Ultrasonic Technology Creates a Soothing Mist
  • Vortex Assisted Humidity Output
  • Automatic Humidity Control or Continuous Output
  • Extra Large Capacity 2-Gallon Tank
  • Push Button Controls with LCD Screen
  • 2 Fans Speeds
  • 3 LCD Notifications (Refill Tank, Clean Unit, Replace Mineral Cartridge)
  • Mineral Cartridge included

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Specifications ‒ Vornado® Ultra1 Ultrasonic Vortex Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier

Model Number: ULTRA1
• Vornado Item Number: HU1-0022-06
• Humidifying Mode: Warm or Cool Ultrasonic Mist
• Mist Delivery Method: Vortex Action propels mist in a corkscrew-type beam for even humidification throughout entire room
• Warm Mist Temperature: 94°F‒98°F at Mist Outlet  (in the air, mist feels much cooler to the touch)
• Mist Outlet location: Upper Front of unit
• Recommended for: Whole Room humidification
• Coverage: up to 900 sq. ft.
• Tank Capacity: 2 gallons
• Output per Day: 3.5 gallons (+/‒ 10%) ¹
• Number of Fan Speed Settings: 2  (Low, High)
• RPM: High Speed ‒ 2575 RPM
• Humidity Settings: ² 40%‒60% / Auto 1 / Auto 2
• Humidistat: Provides automatic humidity control to attain/maintain selected humidity level when unit not set to Continuous (Auto 1 or 2) operation
• Mineral Cartridge (1 included): Removes minerals from water, reducing mineral buildup on transducer (part # MD1-0021)
• Controls: Electronic, pushbutton with LCD display  (top-mounted control panel)
• 4 Push Button Controls: Located on either side of LCD Display:
‐ Power  (turns unit ON / OFF)
‐ Mist Condition  (select Warm or Cool mist output)
‐ Humidity ²  (set desired humidity level or select AUTO 1 or 2 for continuous cool or warm mist operation)
‐ Fan Speed and Output  (High or Low)
• LCD Display: Lights in a warm blue when power is turned ON, giving you status at a glance:
‐ Humidity Level  (% Desired / % Current)
‐ AUTO 1 or 2  (if selected for continuous operation)
‐ Mist Condition selected
‐ Fan Speed selected
‐ Notifications
• LCD Display Notifications: All notifications appear on LCD screen:
‐ Refill Tank  (resets automatically when tank refilled)
‐ Clean Unit  (after 400 hours of operation ‒ manual reset)
‐ Replace Mineral Cartridge  (after 800 hours of operation ‒ manual reset)
• Dimensions: 18.38" H x 9.80" W x 10.60" D
• Weight: 11.30 lbs
• Color: Black with Silver faceplate
• Power Supply: 110‐120V AC, 60 Hz
• Power Consumption: 140 Watts
• Power Cord length: 6 feet
• Power Plug type: 2-prong, polarized
• Warranty: 5-Year Limited
¹ Based on 24 hours of continuous operation, running on High Speed. Assumes room conditions of 70°F at 30% relative humidity.
² If you manually set the desired humidity level (40%‐60%), the unit will operate until the desired humidity level is reached, when the Mist Output will turn OFF, and the humidity level indicator light will remain ON.

If you select AUTO 1 or AUTO 2 the unit will run continuously:

  • AUTO 1 ‒ continuous misting, cool mist, low fan speed
  • AUTO 2 ‒ continuous misting, warm mist, high fan speed

Instructions ‒ Vornado® Ultra1 Ultrasonic Vortex Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full use and care instructions of the Vornado® Ultra1 humidifier.

Power-On Default Settings:

  • The unit will default to Continuous Misting, Cool Mist, High Output, when powered ON. The LCD screen will display these default settings.
  • Once powered ON, you can change settings to suit your preferences.

Important Instructions:

Please read and follow all of the manufacturer's instructions before using, cleaning or storing this humidifier. Here are some highlights:

  • Place unit on a firm, level, flat surface.
  • Position unit to not blow directly on objects or plants.
  • Do not place the unit near a heat source, such as a stove, heater or radiator.
  • Do not run the unit without the Mist Outlet in place. The Mist Outlet can be removed for cleaning.
  • Unplug the unit before filling or cleaning.
  • Do not touch the water in the base, as temperature can reach 92°F.
  • Use care to avoid spills when filling, moving or cleaning the water tank.
  • Do not pour water through the top Outlet Air Grill onto the Power Head.
  • Do not put anything into the water tank except cool, clean water.
  • To prevent the growth of microorganisms in the tank:
    • Turn the humidifier off if the relative humidity exceeds 60% (the manufacturer recommends the use of a hygrometer [humidity monitor] to gauge accurate relative humidity levels in the room).
    • Do not leave water in the tank if the unit will be turned off for more than 12 hours.
    • Do not leave water in the tank when storing.
  • Do clean and disinfect the water tank periodically following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • For daily maintenance, use only water and mild detergent.
  • Do not submerse the base of the unit in water or pour water onto the unit.
Note: Do NOT add any additives to the water (such as water conditioners or aroma fragrances), as these can affect the performance of the transducer and/or damage the plastic water tank. Using such additives will void the Manufacturer's Warranty.

Mineral Cartridge:

The Vornado® Ultra1 humidifier comes equipped with one (1) Vornado® Mineral Cartridge. The cartridge removes minerals from the water, reducing harmful mineral buildup on the unit's ultrasonic transducer.

Note: To ensure the performance of your humidifier, replace the mineral cartridge using only a genuine Vornado® Mineral Cartridge – part # MD1-0018 (sold separately).
  • Initial Use:

    • Soak cartridge in a water bath for 24 hours prior to initial use – the cartridge must absorb water to reach maximum performance.
    • Refer to the Owner's Guide for installation and further instructions.
    • Note: It may take the humidifier a few minutes to create mist with the initial use of a new Mineral Cartridge.
  • Mineral Cartridge Replacement:

    • The Mineral Cartridge collects minerals and other impurities, and will require replacement over time. Various factors can influence the frequency of replacement, including amount of use, water quality and hardness, and other factors.

    • The control panel on the humidifier will display REPLACE MINERAL CARTRIDGE after 800 hours of operation. To reset the notification, simply press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

    • Vornado has also provided the following approximate replacement guidelines:

      • Once a month – recommended for heavy or continuous use.
      • Once every 2 months – recommended for lighter or intermittent use.
      • Earlier than above – if white powder residue settles around the unit.
    • When storing the humidifier, remove and discard the Mineral Cartridge.
Note: If you live in a hard water area or if the water used in this humidifier has been treated by a decalcification system, the manufacturer recommends using distilled water instead of tap water. Use of hard or decalcified tap water can produce a fine white dust that can settle on objects. Distilled water can help eliminate or limit the amount of white dust.

Click here to view the Owner's Guide for the Vornado® Ultra1 Ultrasonic Vortex Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier.