CitriSafe Air Treatment Solution Battery Operated Cabinet

The cabinet naturally dispenses the CitriSafe botanical cleansing agent in rooms up to 400 sq ft to treat mold and other harmful contaminants that you normally inhale.
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This product provides relief from: Mold & Mildew

Research has shown that mold is not only the primary cause of Chronic Sinusitis, but can also aggravate or cause other respiratory ailments. The CitriSafe Mold Air Purifier is part of a Mold-Reduction Protocol developed by a prominent ENT physician. The battery-operated cabinet dispenses CitriSafe's botanical cleansing agent in rooms up to 400 square feet to treat mold and other harmful contaminants that you would otherwise normally inhale. CitriSafe's, plant-based formulation is bio-balanced, thus can be used by even the most sensitive people. Now, mold and other biological agents can be treated inexpensively by using CitriSafe in rooms where you spend the most time.

CitriSafe Mold Air Purifier includes:

  • one (1) CitriSafe dispensing cabinet - 3" wide x 7.5" high x 3.25"D
  • one (1) CitriSafe bio-balancing cartridge (4 fl. oz.) - treats up to 400 sq. ft over 4-6 weeks *
  • one (1) D-cell battery

Why CitriSafe?

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, allergic fungal sinusitis (AFS) is nearly always the result of breathing in mold spores at home, at work or in your car. Even the most aggressive attempts to eliminate mold at its source often achieve just short-term success.
  • Now, by silently distributing an odorless air cleanser, CitriSafe quickly, naturally and effectively treats mold anywhere in your home without the use of chemicals.
  • CitriSafe is recommended for those who:
    • Are allergic to molds and mildew
    • Suffer from environmental illness (EI)
    • Have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)
    • Have chronic or fungal sinusitis
    • Want an effective, chemical-free alternative for the traditional air treatment products currently available


CitriSafe is made from a safe, odorless and all-natural concentrate of citrus and vegetable extracts.

Installation and Use Instructions:

  1. Open box and remove dispenser from plastic wrapping.
  2. For operation, unit may be placed on a hard surface or wall mounted - mounting hardware and instructions included.
  3. Either way, first detach the wall mount support bracket from dispenser:
    • While holding the dispenser from the front in one hand, gently press and pull the wall mount down with the other hand (using your thumbnail to detach the mount from bottom of the dispenser).
    • If not wall mounting, set aside wall mount support bracket and go to Step 4.
    • For wall mounting:
      • Follow the directions included in the box to install the mounting hardware.
      • Check to be sure the mounting support bracket properly aligns with the installed mounting hardware. If so,
      • Snap the wall mount support bracket back onto the back of the dispenser.
  4. Open the dispenser by depressing the button at the top-front of the dispenser unit.
  5. Remove the adjustable tray by sliding it out.
  6. Install 1 or D-cell batteries in dispenser.
  7. To install the CitriSafe cartridge (1 cartridge can included):
    • Slide the paper-protected wick strip out from under the can's ring tab and momentarily set aside.
    • Open new cartridge by slowly pulling the ring tab at top until fully open.
    • Fold wick strip in half, placing the two free ends into can and allowing the loop to extend approx. 3/4" high out of the opening of the can.
    • For enhanced air treatment, raise the wick height.
    • Carefully place opened cartridge onto the dispenser's adjustable tray.
    • Carefully slide the tray back into the dispenser unit so that top of cartridge is about 1/2" below the interior fan.
  8. Gently snap the front dispenser cover back onto the unit.
  9. Turn the unit on/off by sliding the button located at the rear of the unit.

Important Things to Remember:

  1. Do not place or install CitriSafe near exhaust fans or over doors.
  2. Always remove the CitriSafe cartridge and adjustable tray when changing batteries.
  3. Because CitriSafe cartridges contain a liquid, manufacturer recommends wall mounting the dispenser unit. However, if you choose to place unit on a hard surface, be sure to select a spot where it will not be tipped over, to avoid messy spills.
  4. Do not use CitriSafe Mold Air Purifier in conjunction with an Ionic Room Air Purifier because they cancel each other out, making both ineffective in the same room.

The CitriSafe dispenser cabinet is RoHS Compliant.