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Yala Seamless Silk Sheets

  • 100% fine Oriental Silk
  • Glorious luxurious comfort
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Sheets are sold in sets


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Item #'s: DKPI12 - DSW78

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Price: $85.50 - $607.50

Yala Seamless Silk Sheets Description

You know the feeling. Yala Seamless Silk Sheets are everything you desire when you crawl into bed. Luxurious feel. Gentle, smooth caresses of fabric slipping over your skin.  Few people realize that silk sheets have considerable advantages over other fine sheets, even cotton, in the fact that they are naturally inhospitable to dust mites because of the fine count weave of the fabric. Silk sheets also naturally resist mold and mildew due to the presence of Sericin in the fabric makeup. The natural oils from the silkworm repel dust mites and funguses making silk perfect for allergy sufferers.

Now you don’t need to feel so guilty thinking about the fact that silk sheets keep you warm and hug your body, following its contours with delicate contact. So light and smooth, and with that natural silky shine that not only warms your bed, it warms your whole room. And these sheets come in six different colors so you can find the style that matches your décor. Yala Seamless Silk Sheets really are unique, and when we say seamless, we mean it. The integrity of the fabric flows uninterrupted on your bed. Every morning will be a joy remaking your bed knowing that a new night of comfort and rest awaits.

You can order Seamless Silk Sheets in sets; 1 fitted, 1 flat and 2 pillow cases. The Queen set comes with standard size pillow cases and Kings have corresponding King size pillow cases. These sheets are 100% fine Oriental silk. No imitations or fillers. No chemicals are used in processing and all dyes are free from hazardous chemicals. That means these sheets will not irritate or cause reactions in people with chemical sensitivities.  Each sheet is woven on full-width looms and offer a splendid rich appearance, all in beautiful rich colors that will light up your nights. Wash with care, instructions provided. Yala Seamless Silk Sheets really are everything you desire in a sheet that feels great and does great things for your health, your bedding and anything else that can imagine along the way. 

Yala Seamless Silk Sheets Specification

  • Sheets are sold in sets. 1 Fitted, 1 Flat, 2 Pillow Cases. 
  • The Queen set comes with Standard size pillow cases and the King sets come with King size pillow cases.
  • 100% fine Oriental silk
  • Totally seamless, they are woven on full width looms so that they have no seams
  • Thick, durable silk sheets that still feel incredibly lightweight
  • Splendid rich appearance, available in spectacular colors
  • No chemicals are used in processing and the dyes are free from hazardous chemicals and will not aggrivate most chemical sensitivities
  • What makes silk special?
    o Each silk thread is so fine that the thread count far surpasses cotton sheets – this accounts for its unique "silky" feel
    o Silk is very breathable, wicking moisture away from your skin and keeping you cool, while at the same time…
    o Silk naturally hugs the body, eliminating air pockets and holding in your body heat, keeping you warm
    o The natural oils from the silkworm repel dust mites and funguses making silk perfect for allergy sufferers
    o Sericin, a protein naturally present in silk, resists mold and mildew
    o Silk is naturally strong and durable, though it must be washed with care


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