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Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Comforter

  • Ultima Fiber provides superior insulation
  • 100 % Cotton Fabric for softness
  • Ultima Fiber provides full, long lasting loft
  • Warm and cozy for year round comfort
  • Special fiber filling does not cause allergies or host allergens
  • 230 Thread Count
  • Sprial-spun poly fiber fill

Item #'s: RN1090 - RN8890

Product Options

Twin (63x86)$99.99
Full/Queen (88x90)$129.99
King (104x89)$149.99

Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Down Alternative Comforter Description

For many people with allergies, the best philosophy when it comes to choosing a down comforter is to not choose a down comforter at all, which is where the Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Down Alternative Comforter comes in.   This comforter offers all the softness and luxuriant coziness of down, but is filled inside with a specially created fiber faux-down fiber filling offering nearly the same consistency as premiere white goose down. What a wonderful alternative!

The Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Down Alternative comforter does offer supreme warmth, which is why we call it Ultima, yet this alternative down comforter costs quite a bit less than real down comforters. That makes this Pacific Coast product an excellent choice for people who want a quality comforter without the price point of down.   And why not? This Supreme Down Alternative Comforter is designed to feel like the real thing from head to toe. Best of all, the special eco-friendly Ingeo fiber filling does not cause allergies, and dust mites, dander and other allergens cannot make a home inside the comforter. The 230 thread count, 100% all-natural cotton fabric delivers a smooth feel. The full, long lasting loft of this comforter will have you snuggling for hours and getting great rest. The Pacific Coast Restful Nights Ultima Supreme Down Alternative Comforter offers an all-season weight and offers a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Natural LivingĀ® Luxury Down Alternative Comforter Specification

  • Designed to feel like a down comforter
  • Special fiber filling does not cause allergies
  • 230 thread count 100% all-natural cotton fabric 
  • Full, long-lasting loft 
  • Eco-friendly Ingeo fiber 
  • All season weight
  • Ten year manufacturer's warranty

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