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Pari Trek S Compact Portable Nebulizer

  • Rapid medication delivery 
  • Can be used anywhere at any time
  • Very quiet operation - only 50dB
  • Comes complete with LC Sprint Nebulizer, Multi-voltage AC Adapter and Carrying Case

Item #'s: N4680 - N4680

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Price: $99.99



Bubbles Fish Child Mask    $5.99 
Adult Masks (3 per set)    $9.95 
Pari Trek S Compact Portable Compressor    $99.99 
Rechargeable Battery for Pari Trek S    $99.99 

Pari Trek S Compact Portable Nebulizer Description

The Pari Trek S Compact Handheld Portable Nebulizer has lots of things going for it.  Its small size and weight make it very convenient for someone on the go.  While other handheld portable nebulizers can match its size, none can also match its combination of power and quiet.  This is the one handheld portable nebulizer that doesn't require sacrificing the speed of treatment or the quietness that can be found in the best tabletop nebulizers.  Also, rechargeable battery, the multi-voltage AC adapter and the car adapter make it truly the perfect choice for someone who wants complete portability.  Highly recommended.

Pari Trek S Compact Portable Nebulizer Specification

  • Size is similar to a handheld cassette player
  • Weight: Less than 1 lb.
  • Optional rechargeable battery makes it truly portable
  • Kit also contains 12V DC adapter for use in auto
  • Comes with carrying case to store accessory equipment
  • AC Adapter works on multiple voltages - ideal for foreign travel
  • Works for children and adults
  • Three year manufacturers warranty

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