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Pacific Coast Extra Wide Stratus Down Comforter

  • Hyperclean process eliminates allergens
  • Extra wide comforter keeps both people completely covered all night long
  • Patented comfort lock system keeps down in place
  • 600 Power Fill
  • White Goose Down


Item #'s: PC9097 - PC9099

Product Options

Twin (68x88)$399.99
King (108x98)$499.99

Pacific Coast Extra Wide Stratus Down Comforter Description

The Pacific Coast Stratus Extra Wide Down Comforter offers the right answers for those with questions about whether they can enjoy a down comforter without fear of allergens.  The answers begin with the process used to clean the 600 power fill white goose down inside this comforter. The Hyperclean methodology removes allergens from the premium down without compromising the integrity of its insulation value. The 600 power fill white goose down offers incredible warmth yet does not “weigh you down.” Now that’s unquestionably a good starting point.

Even better, the Pacific Coast Stratus Extra Wide Down Comforter utilizes the patented Comfort Lock system to keep every inch of down evenly distributed throughout the comforter. That means this comforter delivers an even distribution of warmth and maintains the even feel of the comforter so you don’t encounter “dropouts” or hot spots with down clogs or migrations. You get none of that with this comforter because it answers the call to premium use of down from side to side and head to toe.

Now that we’ve answered questions about function, let’s take a look at style and appearance. Right away you’ll notice the width of this comforter, because it reaches well down beyond the bedside toward the floor, which not only looks great on your bed, it also provides plenty of “leeway” so that two people can easily rest beneath the comforter without pulling or tugging to keep covered all night.  With our expertise in providing bedding for severe allergy sufferers, we can recommend use of an anti-dust mite duvet cover over their comforter. That provides an additional layer of protection from against those tiny invaders so that you can truly enjoy your comforter without fear of allergens sneaking through and around your comfort system.

The Pacific Coast Stratus Extra Wide Down Comforter really is the answer for those seeking an extremely wise, healthy and affordable way to promote restful sleep.

Pacific Coast Extra Wide Stratus Down Comforter Specification

  • "Hyperclean" down feathers washed up to eight times to ensure they do not cause allergic reactions
  • Extra width eliminates the "tug of war" for the comforter
  • Patented "Comfort Lock" system keeps the down in place so that it remains evenly distributed over the entire comforter
  • 425 thread count 100% cotton cover is soft and comfortable
  • Down has 600 fill power
  • Sewn through box design
  • Ideal for year-round warmth and comfort 
  • Made in USA
  • White Goose Down
  • 15 year manufacturer's warranty

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