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Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

  • Hyperclean process eliminates allergens
  • Great down pillow softness
  • Ideal all-around pillow

Item #'s: PD2026 - PD2036

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Pacific Coast Double Down Around® Pillow Description

The Pacific Coast Down Around Pillow is a good economy down blend pillow.  In fact, we are quite confident that there is no hypoallergenic down blend pillow available at a lower price.  The Pacific Coast Down Around Pillow, like all Pacific Coast pillows we offer, utilizes the Hyperclean washing technology to remove dust and other allergens from the down and feathers.  This renders these pillows hypoallergenic for most allergy sufferers.  Note that allergy sufferers ought to use a dust mite proof barrier cover over their pillows.  Otherwise, over time, dust mites will enter the pillow and make a home in the down feathers.  The combination of the inner pillow filled with small feathers and the outer pillow filled with down provides a good combination of support and softness. A good pillow at a good price.

Pacific Coast® Double Down Around® Pillow Specification

  • Inner pillow of small feathers for resilient support
  • Fluffy outer pillow of down provides luxurious comfort
  • Ideal for all sleep positions
  • Down has 550 fill power
  • Tightly woven "Barrier Weave" fabric keeps down from escaping
  • 100% cotton 300 thread count AllerRest® cotton cover-navy corded edge
  • Made in USA
  • "Hyperclean" down and feathers washed up to eight times to ensure they do not cause allergic reactions
  • Pillows can be washed in a washing machine
  • Five year manufacturer's warranty