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Ogallala Pearl Crescent Hypodown 800 Fill Down Comforter

  • Guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions for ten years
  • Very high-end down comforter
  • Weights:Southern (Light), Classic (Medium), Arctic (Heavy)

Item #'s: C1021 - C1035

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Price: $762.00 - $1,760.00

Ogallala Pearl Crescent Hypodown 800 Fill Down Comforter Description

Ogallala Hypodown comforters often represent the ideal choice for the allergy sufferer, or for anyone looking for a very high quality down comforter.  Hypodown is longer lasting and more breathable than even the finest 100% goose down.  Plus, the primary advantage for the allergy sufferer in a Hypodown comforter is that Hypodown will not cause an allergic reaction for a very long time.  (It is guaranteed for ten years.)  That means these comforters can be used without a duvet cover and still remain hypoallergenic.  For someone who plans to use them without a duvet cover, the Pearl Crescent is a luxurious choice because of its 330 long staple cotton sateen cover.  A modest step down from the Empress cover (which uses far more expensive Egyptian cotton), this comforter will still feel wonderful against your skin.  Similarly, the 700 fill power is only a modest step down from the 800 and will still be exceptionally light and fluffy.  We find that most people do not notice the difference.  Highly recommended.

Ogallala Pearl Crescent Hypodown 800 Fill Down Comforter Specification

  • What is Hypodown?
    o Hypodown is a blend of 80% goose down, 20% Syriaca Clusters
    o Syriaca clusters come from the milkweed plant
    o The down and syriaca are blended at high speeds to make them inseparable
  • Why is Hypodown hypoallergenic?
    o Syriaca clusters trap the dust and dander inside the down, so they cannot escape and cause allergies
  • Other benefits of Hypodown versus normal down:
    o The blending process makes it far more durable than regular down
    o More breathable because it wicks moisture away from your body 30% faster than regular down
  • 800 Fill power is extremely high.  The softest, lightest down comforter we've found.
  • 330 thread count long staple cotton sateen cover means the comforter feels as nice on your body as high quality sheets, even without a duvet cover
  • Cover is specially designed to keep the down in the comforter
  • Attractive honeycomb design will be gently visible through most duvet covers
  • Three dimensional baffling keeps down evenly spread throughout the comforter so it never needs fluffing

Twin Size 68" x 88"  Full Size 80" x 88"  Queen Size 88" x 88"  King Size 104" x 88"

Super King Size 115" x 110"  Crib Size 38" x 52"  

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