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Ogallala Hypodown Down 700 Fill Power Pillow

  • Guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions for ten years
  • Top-of-the-line down pillow
  • Ultimate in luxury

Item #'s: PPF2026 - PPS2036

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Price: $192.00 - $372.00

Ogallala Hypodown Down 700 Fill Power Pillow Description

The Ogallala Hypodown 700 Fill Power Pillow is an extraordinary pillow.  First of all, Hypodown is an absolutely unique product.  There is nothing else like it.  Combining down with Syriaca clusters has been proven in tests by allergists to render the down hypoallergenic.  This means that unlike all other down and feather pillows, Hypodown pillows do not require the use of a barrier cover to retain the hypoallergenic properties.  In fact, they Hypodown pillows are guaranteed by the manufacturer to not cause an allergic reaction for ten years.  Although these pillows are certainly not inexpensive, the savings in eliminating the need for a barrier cover make them far more affordable.  Now, on top of all that, these pillows are amazingly comfortable.  Pillows with 700 fill power are hard to find, as only very pure blends of the highest quality down can generate that much fill power.  This makes them very light, even when selecting the medium and firm varieties.  Most people find that the 700 fill power pillows are virtually identical to the 800 fill power variety at a substantially lower price.  Highly recommended.

Ogallala Hypodown Down 700 Fill Power Pillow Specification

  • What is Hypodown?
    o Hypodown is a blend of 80% goose down, 20% Syriaca Clusters
    o Syriaca clusters come from the milkweed plant
    o The down and syriaca are blended at high speeds to make them inseparable
  • Why is Hypodown hypoallergenic?
    o Syriaca clusters trap the dust and dander inside the down, so they cannot escape and cause allergies
  • Other benefits of Hypodown versus normal down:
    o The blending process makes it far more durable than regular down
    o More breathable because it wicks moisture away from your body 30% faster than regular down
    o Lighter weight allows for better circulation
  • 700 Fill power is very high.  Other than the 800 fill, it is softest, lightest pillow we've found.
  • 312 thread count unbleached, undyed cotton shell
  • Shell specially designed to keep the down in the pillow

Standard 20" x 26"   Queen 20" x 30"   King 20" x 36"