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Ogallala Empress Hypodown 800 Fill Down Comforter

  • Guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions for ten years
  • Simply the top-of-the-line down comforter
  • Weights:Southern (Light), Classic (Medium), Arctic (Heavy)

Item #'s: C1003 - C1017

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Price: $1,008.00 - $2,362.00

Ogallala Empress Hypodown 800 Fill Down Comforter Description

Ogallala Hypodown comforters often represent the ideal choice for the allergy sufferer, or for anyone looking for a very high quality down comforter.  Hypodown is longer lasting and more breathable than even the finest 100% goose down.  Plus, the primary advantage for the allergy sufferer in a Hypodown comforter is that Hypodown will not cause an allergic reaction for a very long time.  (It is guaranteed for ten years.)  That means these comforters can be used without a duvet cover and still remain hypoallergenic.  For someone who plans to use them without a duvet cover, the Empress is the ideal choice because of its 350 thread count Egyptian cotton cover.  This comforter will feel as good against your skin as ultra-high end sheets.  Combine the Empress with the 800 fill power Hypodown and you have simply the best comforter on the market.

Ogallala Empress Hypodown 800 Fill Down Comforter Specification

  • What is Hypodown?
    o Hypodown is a blend of 80% goose down, 20% Syriaca Clusters
    o Syriaca clusters come from the milkweed plant
    o The down and syriaca are blended at high speeds to make them inseparable
  • Why is Hypodown hypoallergenic?
    o Syriaca clusters trap the dust and dander inside the down, so they cannot escape and cause allergies
  • Other benefits of Hypodown versus normal down:
    o The blending process makes it far more durable than regular down
    o More breathable because it wicks moisture away from your body 30% faster than regular down
  • 800 Fill power is extremely high.  The softest, lightest down comforter we've found.
  • 350 thread count long staple Egyptian cotton cover makes this comforter extremely soft and cozy to use even without a duvet cover
  • Cover is specially designed to keep the down in the comforter
  • Attractive cloud design will be gently visible through most duvet covers
  • Three dimensional baffling keeps down evenly spread throughout the comforter so it never needs fluffing

Twin Size 68" x 88"  Full Size 80" x 88"  Queen Size 88" x 88"  King Size 104" x 88"

Super King Size 115" x 110"  Crib Size 38" x 52"  

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