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Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

  • Recommended by dermatologists for people sensitive to deodorants
  • Fragrance free odor protection
  • Great for both men and women

Item #'s: SC814 - SC815

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Stick 3oz$5.99
Spray Mist 4oz$4.99

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Description

Over thousands of years the human race has invented numerous ways to combat natural body odor, but none work better for people with sensitivity to chemicals than Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. Many people react with rashes or skin irritations from modern deodorant mixtures, which is why deodorant crystals remain the deodorant of choice for those with chemical sensitivity. Made of pure mineral salts, this all natural, non-staining solution to body odor control works for 24 hours and is totally fragrance free. That is why Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is recommended by dermatologists for people sensitive to other types of deodorants. This fine substance is non-staining and fragrance free, so it is ideal for daily use by both men and women. Your deodorant really can be no-irritation and no sweat even if you are normally sensitive to the chemicals in every other brand of deodorant on the market. The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is a deodorant that works for you without chemical irritation, which is a timeless solution you can count on.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Specification

  • Made of pure mineral salts
  • All natural
  • Non staining
  • Works for 24 hours
  • Totally fragrance free
  • Free of  aluminum chlorohydrate
  • Ideal for daily use

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