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Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter

  • Early warning for asthma onset
  • Highly rated by medical experts
  • Works quickly

Item #'s: N3103 - N3105

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Price: $25.99 - $31.99

Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter Description

The Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter is a very good peak flow meter.  It has been used and recommended by doctors for years.  The Mini-Wright works well for both adults and children.  Because they are hand-calibrated, each Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter will give the same reading, which is important when comparing home readings to readings in the doctor's office.

Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter Specification

  • Time-tested design developed in the 1970s
  • Provides exceptionally consistent readings
  • Clear, easy to read scale
  • Works for all age groups
  • Hand calibrated to ensure accuracy
  • Home readings will be comparable to Dr.'s office readings
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes daily record charts
  • Standard Range 60-900 lpm
  • Low Range 30-400 lpm

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