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Microloft Blanket

  • Plush lightweight warmth
  • Easy care
  • Withstand frequent machine washings
  • Colors: Cream, Linen/Tan, Sage Green, Periwinkle Blue, Navy Blue  
  • Luxurious softness

Item #'s: BBM6690C - BBM6690S

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Price: $44.99

When it comes to the practicality and benefits of the Microloft Blanket, it is hard to find a product so versatile and yet so affordable.  At a price point starting at $19.95, you can bring these microloft blankets home and plant them at strategic points around the house wherever you want to cuddle up, take a nap, layer a bed, accent a room or even cover a couch where the dog or cat likes to plop and rest.

The plush feel of these blankets is something your whole household will appreciate. They fit and feel great in the living room where people can pluck one of these off the back of the couch to cover up while watching TV or listening to tunes as they do their homework.   And not to worry: if these blankets wind up getting wet with spills or food, there's seldom a problem because these blankets can easily withstand multiple washings and provide durable, long-lasting comfort for years.  The 100% polyester fabric is the height of technology, offering up a fleecy and real feeling. All in easy care simplicity.

These Microloft Blankets come in beautifully subtle colors so that you can accentuate or decorate. Choose from the selection of Navy Blue, Cream, Linen/Tan, Sage Green, and Periwinkle Blue. That's enough to encourage anyone to "get their designer on" and place these blankets where they need to be in your home.

Microloft Blanket Specification

  • Plush lightweight warmth
  • Easy care
  • Withstand frequent machine washings
  • Durable, long lasting
  • No pilling or matting
  • Year-round comfort
  • Colors: Navy, Cream, Linen, Sage, Periwinkle, White
  • 100% plush polyester