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Micro-Filter Vacuum Cleaner Bags

  • Captures germs and bacteria
  • Keep allergens from escaping the vaccum cleaner
  • Helps the performance of your vacuum
  • Web special - $3.95 for 6 bags

Item #'s: V2206EA - V2206RD

Product Options

Eureka AA$3.95
Electrolux $3.95
Eureka U$3.95
Royal D$3.95

Micro-Filter Vacuum Cleaner Bags Description

It doesn’t do much good to vacuum your home only to have all the particles you’ve picked up with your vacuum escape back out into the vacuum and worse yet, back into the atmosphere and the air you breathe. That is why Micro-Filter Vacuum Cleaner Bags are essential to a truly clean home.

Consider the difference: Micro-filter vacuum bags capture germs and bacteria, keep allergens from escaping the vacuum cleaner and even help the performance of your vacuum by preventing recirculation of dirt and particulates that can clog systems. These bags have a low pressure drop, are long lasting and sold in sets of six bags for as low as $3.95.

Micro-filter Vacuum Cleaner Bags are an important step in making your home free from allergens that can cause sneezing, wheezing and asthma attacks. So close the loop! Seal off the germs and bacteria, dust mites and other allergens likely to cause allergy and asthma reactions in your home. It may be hard to believe it’s as simple as the vacuum bag you use, but it really does matter.

Micro-Filter Vacuum Cleaner Bags Specification

  • Low pressure drop
  • Long lasting
  • Keeps allergens in the vacuum
  • Good for capturing germs and bacteria
  • Sold in sets of six