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BedCare Classic Mite Proof Box Spring Encasings Low Profile Box Springs

Completely Seal Off Mold, Allergens, & Bed Bugs

  • Fits 5 - 7" Deep Box Springs
  • Dust, Mold, Allergen and Waterproof
  • Made in The U.S.A.

Item #'s: 17P-3784 - 17P-6080

Product Options

Twin (39"x75")$35.95
Lg Twin (39"x80")$36.95
Cal Lg Twin (37"x84")$36.95
Full (54"x75")$40.95
Queen (60"x80")$44.95

The BedCare Classic dust mite and mold impermeable allergen box spring cover is made of a lightweight polyester knit fabric joined to an ultra-thin, allergen-proof Comfortech polyurethane membrane making this box spring encasing waterproof as well. Zipping your box spring into this encasement provides total protection on all sides with no gaps or openings.

Machine wash in hot water. Line dry or use air dry setting dryer. Using bleach or drying at high temperatures will diminish the waterproof properties of this mattress encasing and cause the Comfortech polyurethane membrane to separate from the outer fabric.

The BedCare Classic allergen box spring cover is machine washable and has premium, rust-proof zippers.

Made of 100% stretch-knit polyester joined to our lightweight Comfortech polyurethane membrane barrier. Comfortech is a 1-mil. thick film coating of polyurethane, a monolithic plastic polymer that is pliable and durable. The term monolithic means that it is a consistent layer of film without holes or pores so nothing can pass through, not even air. Because of this barrier membrane, this material cannot be measured in terms of mean pore size.

The BedCare Classic box spring encasing can be used for bed bug protection. An Allergen box spring cover can only trap bed bugs that are hiding on your box spring. You should also encase your mattress to complete your bedding protection for both bed bugs and allergens. However, these covers will not protect you from other bed bugs hiding in your bedroom. For complete elimination of bed bugs from your bedroom and your home, you will need to contact a pest extermination specialist who understands how to rid your home of bed bugs.

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