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Window Air Conditioner Filter

Special MicroFree filtration technology cleans the air you breathe by removing airbourne pollutants and irritants, such as pollen, dust, mold spores, etc. Also helps to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your window air conditioner unit by keeping dirt from building up on the cooling coils.

Item #: F1663
This product has been discontinued.

A window air conditioner is a vital convenience on hot summer days when you want relief from the heat. Adding a Window Air Conditioner Filter to your window unit can also deliver you from unwanted allergens pulled into the house by your window air conditioners. Clean the air you breathe with a special MicroFree filtration technology that strains out allergy irritants ranging from pollen to dust, mold and more. Cooled air comes in, bad bits of allergy-inducing particulates stay out. Your Window Air Conditioner Filter actually works to extend the life of the air conditioner itself, keeping dirt and grit from building up within the unit or collecting on the cooling coils. Best of all, the filter you buy is easy to install. Just cut to size for installation from a 15" x 24" sheet. So there's no big science necessary to use this great product. You'll get cool air without allergens that can turn your summer retreat into summer defeat at the hands of allergies. The window air conditioner filter will keep you cool—and healthy.