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Ultimate One-Wipe® Dust Cloths

  • Eliminates the scattering of dust
  • Helps prevent dusting from aggravating allergy symptoms
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Outlasts disposable cloths
  • Five One Wipe Cloths per package
  • 100% cotton flannel delivers scratch-free results

Item #: D0505
This product has been discontinued.

Ultimate One-Wipe® Dust Cloths Description

Want something capable of wiping out bothersome, allergy-aggravating dust in a single swipe? Then make Ultimate One-Wipe® Dust Cloths part of your dust-fighting arsenal. In case you never knew it before, most of the dust we find indoors at our house, about 65%, comes from particles generated outdoors. Dust can also be made of particles generated by dust mites, textile fibers, pieces of dead insects, human and animal hair, mold spores, bacteria and dead skin cells from human beings. With all this aggravating material floating around the house, you can see why it is important not to create a dust-up when you want to clean up. These Guardsman One-Wipe cloths do the job of battling dust layers the first time by using a built-in static charge to attract and bind dust particles to the cloth. That prevents dust from being thrown into the air where it can be breathed or settle somewhere else. These machine-washable and reusable cloths are sold in a pack of six and eliminates scattering of dust so that you don't have to do the same job over and over again. Each can be attached to a long-handled mop for hard to reach places. Will not smudge or stain any surface and can be used on furniture, blinds, car interiors, TVs and computers where dust is often statically collected. Each Ultimate One-Wipe® Dust Cloth is 18" X 14" and is made of 100" cotton flannel for scratch-free results.

Ultimate One-Wipe® Dust Cloths Specification

  • Fabric has a built-in static charge to attract and lock in dust particles
  • Designed to aid the allergy sufferer in the dusting process
  • Works on almost anything: furniture, blinds, car interiors, TVs, and computers
  • For hard to reach places, One-Wipe Dust Cloths can be attached to a long handled mop
  • Will not smudge or stain
  • Greaseless and non-streaking
  • Five One Wipe Dust Cloths per package
  • Approximately 18" by 14"
  • 100% cotton flannel delivers scratch-free results
  • Machine washable. Wash separately from other articles

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