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SinuPulse Elite

  • This product is currently on backorder until mid to late April
  • Recommended by leading allergists and ENT's
  • Reduces congestion, headaches, sinus infections and allergy symptoms
  • Top-of-the-line sinus rinse
  • Safe, natural, drug free

Item #: N5100

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Our Price: $79.95


SinuPulse Sinus Irrigator Tip  $13.49 
SinuAir Pre-measured 5 gm packets (30)  $13.49 

SinuPulse Elite Description

The Health Solutions SinuPulse Elite has a couple of advantages over traditional nasal irrigators. First, its pulsing movement stimulates the sinus cilia and helps them do their job better, so it can be even more effective - although traditional nasal irrigation is effective in itself. Some clinical studies have reported pulsating irrigation to be up to 100X more effective than non-pulsating irrigation. Second, many people find the Health Solutions SinuPulse Elite a little more convenient and comfortable than a traditional nasal irrigator. Third, the SinuPulse Elite is unique in its ability to adjust the pulse rate for cleansing as well as soothing. Also, unlike the Grossan Hydro Pulse, a similar product which has been plagued for years by manufacturing problems, the SinuPulse elite is engineered for long term durability. Many people who truly suffer from sinus infections, allergies and post nasal drip find that the Health Solutions SinuPulse Elite can really improve their symptoms. Recommended.

SinuPulse Elite Specification

Follow the link below to view how the sinupulse works.

Advanced features include:

  • SinuMist sinus irrigator tip for mist spray cleansing
  • Cleansing irrigation tip
  • Throat mist irrigator tip for a moisturizing mist spray
  • Throat irrigator tip with advanced tongue cleaner design
  • Flex irrigator tip design for maximum comfort and control

EZ touch button on handle for pause on/off and adjustable pressure control for maximum comfort, large capacity water tank with measurement scale for easy and accurate mixing of solutions, quiet design, non-clog operation, calibrated pulsation rate to enhance ciliary flow, LED display function, UL and CE approved



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