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Rainshow'r Shower Filter

  • Keeps skin younger and healthier
  • Reduces the fading of color treated hair
  • The best chlorine filtration available
  • Removes 90% of chlorine from shower water
  • Helps prevent eczema due to chlorine exposure

Item #: WF2000

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Rainshower Replacment Cartridge  $29.99 

Rainshow'r Shower Filter Description

The Rainshow'r Shower Filter deals with a problem that is invisible to most people, but can raise havoc in the lives of those sensitive to chemicals on their skin. We're talking about chlorine related eczema and people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Chlorine can be a very bad chemical for anyone with those conditions. But chlorine in our water also affects people in other adverse ways as well. In case you've never noticed, the chlorine in our water really beats up your hair and can play a caustic role in the premature aging of our skin. Yet we know that chlorine courses through our pipes and shower heads every day and not everybody can deal with that chemical bombardment to stay clean and healthy. What can you do to limit your exposure to unwanted levels of chlorine in your shower water? The Rainshow'r Shower Filter removes 90% of the chlorine flowing through your shower head as it passes through the filter. The Rainshow'r Filter also helps control bacteria and mildew, using specially formulated bacteriostatic enhanced KDF media to do the job right. Despite these immediate, healthful changes in your shower water, the built-in jet dispersal system actually improves water flow-through. The pop-in water treatment cartridge is easily replaced about once a year, and each cartridge contains 14 oz. of enhanced KDF. It's that simple, and easy to install this shower head with no tools necessary. The stainless steel screen also filters out sediment in water. At a practical level, your water will feel like softened water with increased lathering of soaps and shampoos and you'll further enjoy the comfort of the water flow with the adjustable shower head. Most importantly, you can shower with 90% less chlorine and have better hair and skin with the Rainshow'r Shower Filter.

Rainshow'r Shower Filter Specification

  • Softer, more manageable hair
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp
  • Scientists consider chlorine one of the most toxic elements found in nature
  • Exposure can cause adverse effects for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Also helps control bacteria and mildew
  • Uses specially formulated bacteriostatic KDF media which is superior to standard KDF media
  • Chlorine is converted to harmless zinc chloride as it passes through the filter
  • Built-in jet dispersal improves water flow-through
  • Pop-in cartridge is easy to replace when necessary
  • Cartridges should last approximately one year
  • Each cartridge contains 14 oz. of enhanced KDF
  • Totally harmless and non-toxic
  • Attaches directly to your shower head
  • Very easy to install – no tools necessary
  • Stainless steel screen filters out sediment in water
  • Utilizes a high-energy quartz crystal to make the shower feel great
  • Water feels similar to softened water and increases lathering of soaps and shampoos

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