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Optihaler Drug Delivery System

  • Effective drug delivery without a bulky valved chamber
  • Small size makes it easy to carry
  • Unique patented design creates a more effective aerosol mixture
  • Patients rated OptiHaler most convenient to use

Item #: N4760

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Our Price: $17.95

Optihaler Drug Delivery System Description

The OptiHaler is a good selection for someone looking for a highly portable spacer that also has other valuable features.  While it is a little larger than the MicroChamber, the other very portable spacer, it offers the added convenience of an inner chamber that will store the MDI canister.  That neat trick of engineering makes it especially convenient to take along wherever you go.  It also comes with caps for each opening, so you can put it in a purse or pocket without worrying that it will get contaminated by the rest of the contents.  Recommended.

Optihaler Drug Delivery System Specification

  • Measures 5.2" in length and 1.5" in diameter
  • Studies show people are more likely to take smaller sized spacers with them
  • Inner chamber can store MDI canister when not in use
  • Helps coordinate timing to improve drug inhalation
  • Unique design allows for an active mixing of medication with the air
  • Caps for each opening help keep it clean
  • As effective as larger chambers and spacers
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe