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DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner

  • Effective cleaner free of harsh chemicals and irritants
  • Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities
  • Removes brake dust, road grime, dirt and tar from wheels
  • 100% biodegradable
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    Item #: DF1060
    This product has been discontinued.

    DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner Description

    Getting your tires and wheels clean is one of the highlights of detailing the exterior of your car, and DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner can keep it from becoming a lowlight if you have chemical sensitivities. DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner is an incredibly effective cleaner that uses no harsh chemicals or irritants. This plant-based cleaner rids your tires and wheels of all that nasty stuff that accumulates down where the rubber meets the road and the hard work of driving and stopping all happens. Your wheel and tire cleaner should get rid of brake dust, road grime, dirt and tar, which is exactly what DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner does, and more. This 100% biodegradable wheel and tire cleaner works on both alloy and aluminum wheels without harming the finish. It is nonabrasive to your vehicle and totally nontoxic and noncarcinogenic for you. No extensive scrubbing is necessary. You just spray on and use normal cleaning pressure to get rid of the dirt. This product comes in its own handy spray bottle, contains no perfume or dyes and is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities who like their wheels and tires to have that just cleaned look. DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner gets the job done well, without causing allergic reactions to skin.

    DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner Specification

    • Effective cleaner free of harsh chemicals
    • Totally nontoxic and noncarcinogenic
    • Removes brake dust, road grime, dirt and tar
    • Works on alloy and aluminum wheels
    • Nonabrasive
    • Does not require extensive scrubbing
    • Contains no perfumes or dyes
    • Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities
    • Net weight: 16 fl. oz.

    Item: DF1060 (DriveFree Wheel & Tire Cleaner) contains Proprietary Ternary Non-Ionic Surfactant Compound which contains no hazardous compounds under current OSHA definitions. This product does not contain substances which are restricted under TSCA, RCRA, SARA, CERCLA, CAL Prop 65, SCAQMD or CARB. Contents and formulation are proprietary and include linear alcohol ethoxylates, an anti-bacterial agent, a natural corrosion inhibitor, amphoteric surfactants, an organic defoamer and deionized water.