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Breathe-Ease XL Saline Powder - 190 Gram Bottle

  • Moisturizes sinuses and improves ciliary flow while cleansing
  • Beneficial in thinning nasal secretions and clearing blocked nasal passages
  • No drugs, preservatives, additives, iodine, or silica to cause discomfort

Item #: 69-0200

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Breathe-Ease XL Formulated Saline Powder - With Small Spray Bottle & 2 Measuring Spoons. Breathe Clearly Without Using Addictive Nasal Sprays. Breathe-Ease XL is a unique nasal and sinus irrigation solution and moisturizer. It was developed by a leading board-certified ENT specialist as an alternative to over-the-counter nasal sprays and saline products. Breathe-Ease formulation has been reported in medical journals as best for nasal cilia and more appropriate than regular saline for most nasal conditions. Unlike some nasal sprays, Breathe-Ease is a pure alternative with no preservatives, iodine or other chemicals that can harm sensitive nasal membranes. When mixing the standard isotonic solution, 190 Grams of powder is enough to make 150 of the small spray bottles or a 60 day supply when used for irrigation with a device like the Hydro Pulse.