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AllerTech Laundry Detergent

  • Revolutionary technology
  • Removes allergens in any water temperature, even in cold water
  • Great for fabrics that cannot take hot water
  • Effective as well as regular detergents for cleaning
  • A single bottle will accommodate 64 average loads
  • High-efficiency washers 128 average loads
  • Removes Dust Mite Waste
  • Free of perfumes, dyes & other irritating additives

Item #: D6000

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Our Price: $22.99

AllerTech Laundry Detergent Description

Washing clothes is supposed to promote healthful living, and Allertech Laundry Detergent can keep it that way. Not only that, this laundry detergent can be a real liberator for those with allergies. Especially for those limited to wearing fabrics that can stand up to frequent hot water washing. Allertech Laundy Detergent makes it possible to wear whatever type of clothes you like. Even cold water washing! Allertech Laundry Detergent is just as effective at cleaning as regular detergents, and a single bottle will accommodate 64 average loads. High efficiency washers average 128 loads. Here's double good news for allergy sufferers. Allertech removes dust mite waste, pet dander, mold and mildew allergens and pollen so you can wash your bedding and rid yourself of allergy-producing pests that live in your bedding, resulting in allergens that can make sleeping difficult if not impossible. This detergent has no perfumes, dyes, or irritating additives. Normal detergents do not remove allergens in cold water but AllerTech Laundry Detergent does its important job of getting your clothes their cleanest in any temperature water while removing dust mite waste and removing allergens wherever they lurk in the fabric you love.

Use one once per average load and for high-efficiency washers use 1/2 once per average load.

AllerTech Laundry Detergent Specification

  • Allergy suffers traditionally have needed to wash all their clothes and bedding in hot water. Now they have the choice of hot or cold water for effective cleaning
  • Many clothes and bedding products cannot survive frequent hot water washings
  • Allertech Laundry Detergent gives allergy sufferers the freedom to choose any fabric they desire
  • Has no perfumes, dyes, or irritating additives.
  • 64 fl. oz. bottle accommodates 64 average loads of laundry
  • High-efficiency washers 128 average loads of laundry
  • Removes dust mite waste, pet dander, mold and mildew allergens and pollen.
  • Specially Formulated for Allergy & Asthma Relief

Item: D6000 (Allertech Laundry Detergent) contains Proprietary Ternary Non-Ionic Surfactant Compound which contains no hazardous compounds under current OSHA definitions. Proprietary plant extract. Anti- allergen. Deionized water, fatty acid CAS#53980-88-4, fatty acid CAS#61790-12-3, alcohol surfactant CAS#110615-47-9, alcohol surfactant CAS#68551-12-2, chelating agent CAS#3414-89-9.