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Air Quality Improving in Many U.S. Cities: Report
Even Los Angeles showed lowest smog levels in more than a decade, data found
>> complete story

More Smog Might Mean More Hospitalizations
In New England, Medicare patients from more-polluted areas were more apt to need care
>> complete story

Many Call Center Workers Plagued by Voice Woes
One-quarter develop issues with hoarseness, sore throats, study finds

EPA to Cut Air Pollution from Natural Gas 'Fracking'
First-ever standards for controversial industry should cut smog, but environmentalists say more can be done

Alternative Therapies Aren't Used as Substitutes for Asthma Meds: Study
Parents still give kids traditional treatments in addition to less orthodox ones

Mental Illness Tied to Higher Rates of Physical Problems: Report
More chronic illness, ER visits and hospitalizations with conditions such as depression

DNA Testing Finds Allergens, Toxins in Traditional Chinese Medicines
U.S. experts say supplements made in America are different, but neither country tests for ingredients

Over-the-Counter Bug Bite Remedies Don't Work: Report
Mild reactions might not call for tablets or creams


Health Tip: Avoid Asthma Triggers
Including things that make you sneeze

Health Tip: Calm a Canker Sore
Suggestions to help it heal

Health Tip: Help Calm a Cough
Here's what you can do